Since March 2020 the live music industry have not been allowed to work as a result of the pandemic, with many industry professionals falling through the cracks when it has come to financial support.


With no clear pathway on how we can get back to gigs, the industry is in trouble. Suppliers are going out of business, small venues are facing closure, and talented specialists are leaving the industry to find new careers.


'This Is Just An Interval' hears accounts from a cross section of the live music industry including artists, promoters, equipment suppliers, and freelance professionals that make up the 'live events supply chain'.


Director - Matthew Boone

Producer - Sebastian Hakim

Director of Photography - Paul Mortlock


Colour - Paul Willis

Gig Edit & Effects - Shaolin Pete

Sound Recordist - Piers Jarvis

Sound Assistant - Harry Wilson

Audio Mix - Jake Mazzuca

Make Up Artist - Maisie Trelfa

1st AC - Finn Logan

2nd AC - Alexander Winward

Assistant - Dom Walsh

Assistant - Juan Garcia



Tungjatjeta (May Your Life Prolong) is a raw, observational research film created from the personal footage of two filmmakers, sharing insight into the life, stories and culture of some of the people living in Sarande, Albania.

Created by Sebastian Hakim and Holly Leece







Graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2020 with a First Class Honours in Filmmaking, Sebastian has made the most of his training and gained years of experience in the professional industry already both in freelance and also through working full time whilst studying, with Manchester based independent record label , and the AIM awards 'best small label 2019' Scruff of the Neck.




My name's Seb, I'm a freelance Filmmaker and Photographer, currently based in Manchester.


I am a passionate and hardworking creative with a desire to produce content that adds brand value and exceeds expectations through creating high quality and engaging professional content. I am flexible and open minded and together, we will captivate your audience.

With proficient experience in key film production roles including Directing, Producing, Editing and Camera Operating, I am a versatile and confident all round Filmmaker. I am friendly, honest and have a great attention to detail. I will be your point of contact for the entirety of the project, making the production process a lot more personal.

To see how I can help you, or if you have any enquires, please feel free to contact me at: 

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